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Guiding Principles 

Clients First….


Value driven.  Research based.

Prepare, Compare… Review, Repeat.

Margins for error.

What if?


Philosophic, Character

Someone is smarter.  not more persistent.

Avoiding one mistake makes one above average.

Well done is better than well said.

Execute better.  Stay disciplined.

Credit the doer, Not the critic.

Know more.  Learn more.

Be right.  Make it right.

Humility.  Modesty.

Honesty at all cost.  Never cross the line.

Think like Buffett.  Act like Wooden.


Peer, Team, Customer

Professionalism, Enthusiasm, Cheerfulness.

Empathize, Question, Befriend, Delight.


                                                        ...Clients Last. Clients Always

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